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5536 Wismer Road
Pipersville, PA 18947
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Application Programmer with 25+ years experience in mainframe assembler. Team player who brings, logic, and creativity to every job resulting in increased customer satisfaction. Create programs/ systems that are simple, understandable and flexible to respond to changing needs. Meticulous and detail-oriented, which allows for easier, faster updates.

Operating Systems:

Hardware: 360, 370, 4300-4301, 3033, 3080, 3090
Software: Expediter, xray, Group1, IBM Utilities, Syncsort
Language: Assembler, knowledge of COBOL, CICS, PLI


In each of my positions my responsibilities were essentially the same. I reviewed customer specifications and provided time estimates. Wrote programs and systems, tested, documented and provided reports Performed Quality Control and Error Recovery.

In each position I also had the responsibility to maintain, update and trouble shoot systems already in place.

In each position I also taught Assembler Language Programming for Main Frame Computers as well as IBM OS JCL and IBM OS Utilities.


Senior Developer

Wrote System to process customer records. Customer was in hurry requiring 7-day turn around. Stated they would accept 3% to 4% reject rate to facilitate achieving deadline. By analyzing rejects of test cycle found most could be corrected. Project completed in 4 days with a reject rate of 0.00007%.

Wrote system in which customer record was variable length and comma delimited. Phone number would be in field 12, 13, and 14 (area code, exchange, line number) also fields may contain 7 digit or 10 digit phone number and invalid characters. Field 12 may contain area code or entire number. Field 13 may have exchange or area code and exchange and line number. Developed algorithm to accept valid numbers and reject invalid 100%.

Customer requested estimate of time and cost analysis to convert Mozart file to DACS format. Since Mozart contained 1 record for each element of the input record this was very complex. Instead of estimate wrote program and planned to then locate real problems and do a more accurate time estimate. In 6 days program was written and tested. Customer called and said they were in a tight spot could we begin programming and forget the estimate. When we advised customer that program was complete and tested they stated they had 4 programmers working on it for 4 months and they had now advised that file could not be converted. This project resulted in additional projects and additional revenue.

DA LEWIS & ASSOCIATES, Doylestown, PA (1989-1998)

Senior Developer

Reviewed customer specifications and provided time estimates. Wrote programs and systems tested, documented and provided reports performed Quality Control and Error Recovery.

Wrote system to conduct Direct Mail Advertising campaign, tracked responses, activate shipment of products ordered and initiate next offer. Simultaneously tracking name and addresses and multi Buyer information for list brokering.

Build system to do palletization of mail, which saved customer on postage.

Wrote system to convert input to common format and prepare for letter writing, postal sorting, and reporting.

ASPEN DATA GRAPHICS, Newtown, PA (1987-1989)

Senior Developer

Sole programmer in small direct mail advertising firm. Responsible for all programming, customer interface, and production. Worked independently without supervision and little direction.


Senior Developer

Wrote program to take input files and put in common format. Applied rates and legal information based on age and state. Gave extensive reporting. Supervised production and quality control. Maintained reports for year in permenant file.

Customer wished state to be isolated for wording on product to say "in your state of ______". Customer indicated it was too bad we could not say Commonwealth in the case of Puerto Rico. Program was altered to isolate not only state but the word State or in the case of Puerto Rico zip codes the word Commonwealth.

Extensive use of counters gave customers information they had often over looked and allowed them to see problems before deadlines were missed.


United State Army
Artillery, Ft. Carson. CO
Transportation, Long Binh, Vietnam

Notary Public - Bonded